Cultural Analysis Of Sleeping Beauty By Charles Perrault

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Payton Parrish
English 102
18 March 2017
Cultural Analysis of Sleeping Beauty The story of Sleeping Beauty is told in many different forms and is most famous from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. For example, the fairytale “The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood” by Charles Perrault is quite different than Disney 's version. This fairytale should be researched because it has an interesting historical background and it is still culturally relevant to this day. The three main points that will be discussed about Sleeping Beauty in this paper is historical background, the different ways this fairytale is represented, and the cultural significance this story has on society. Researching this story has opened my eyes that the Sleeping Beauty movie I …show more content…

Walt Disney’s movie was released in 1959 but is still considered a modern version of this fairytale and is watched by many people every year.
In The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood by Charles Perrault, the message is quite different. This version is gruesome and should not be watched by children. This version of the tale could be viewed that killing is okay if a person does not like someone or is jealous of something that person has. Cannibalism and killing are the two main themes in this version of Sleeping Beauty. It is clear that that this fairytale was made for people who enjoy reading gruesome stories.
Sleeping Beauty is culturally significant because it is told in many different ways and can reach a variety of people. From adults to children, many interpretations can be made depending on the version that is read or watched. The theme sexism can be found in Disney’s version while killing or cannibalism can be found In Perrault’s version. While children are watching Disney’s version, young girls could be exposed to sexism. Sexism is still a big problem in today 's society, and girls should not be exposed to a topic such as this at a young age. Many will have to deal with it while growing up and Disney is not helping by portraying the girl as helpless until a man comes along. This movie can have such a negative impact on todays society but it is still culturally significant. Perrault 's version is no better when it comes to representing

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