Character Analysis Of The Shack

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The main characters of The Shack are Mack, Nan, Elousia (God), Jesus, and Sarayu. Mackenzie Allan Phillips is the main protagonist however, his friends and family call him Mack. He is a father of five children and husband to Nan. He has built a wall around him ever since Missy was killed and has found himself in the “Great Sadness”. He has backslid in his faith and his love for Nan isn’t as strong as it used to be before the “Great Sadness”. Nan is the glue that holds the family together she is very faithful to the Lord which she calls “Papa”. She is very strong and helps the family through this hard time. Elousia which means the Creator God who is truly real and the ground of all being or Papa who is portrayed by an African American Woman is the housekeeper and cook of the shack. She helps Mack out of the “Great Sadness” and shows him she isn’t at all like Mack thought she was. Jesus who is portrayed by a Middle Eastern carpenter is very relatable for Mack and helps him to understand about Papa, himself, and Sarayu. Sarayu which means wind is the Holy Spirit and the gardener at the shack. She helps Mack to find joy in this situation.
The setting of The Shack is a shack in the woods and this story takes place in modern day. It is in the dead of winter the weather is really cold and it has recently snowed at the shack. As he is walking away from the shack it transforms into a magical and pretty place. The weather at the shack is now summer and it is very humid and hot. The

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