Character Analysis : ' Penelope '

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“Penelope, I shall be back,” Odysseus said, about to leave. “Ok,” Penelope said, looking at Odysseus, blinking back tears.
“If I don’t come back, then you can marry someone else,” Odysseus said and left for the plane. Telemachus, still a child, woke up and walked downstairs for some Captain Crunch. Telemachus rubbing his eyes, saw just his mom standing right next to the front door of the house alone, and asked, “Mommy, where’s Daddy?”
“He’s just going away for a bit Telemachus, now let me make you breakfast,” Penelope said with tiny drops of tears rolling down her face, patting Telemachus.
“Okay,” Telemachus said tiredly.

* Back to Present* *

“That was ten years ago and now the war’s over and he still hasn’t come back,” Telemachus said. He was about twenty years old now and talking to his girlfriend.
“Oh man, that must have been hard on you,” Anna, Telemachus’ girlfriend said.
“Ah, I wish he’d come back already,” Telemachus said glumly.
Suddenly, the door opened.
“You’re home!” Penelope said, hugging Odysseus with tears in her eyes.
“Dad!” Telemachus said with his eyes wide opened in shock.
“But, what took you so long?” Penelope said, frustrated.
“Ah, well there were some obstacles on the way back from my long and tiring trip. I’ll tell you over lunch,” Odysseus said. They gave Odysseus lunch and he started to talk about his story, “So this is how it started.”

* flashback* *

“I don’t want to

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