Character Analysis: The Seer Of Shadows

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According to Kristen Breck of Common Sense Media,”For good readers ages 12 and up, The Seer of Shadows is a richly detailed page-tuner, filled with elegant language and a well-crafted plot.”By reading the book, people will be clinging on to every word, hanging on to every moment.Some people might not like the fact that it is pretty slow throughout the beginning, but there are still many moments filled with suspense, emotion, and intrigue. The book Seer of Shadows is a very good book with lots of emotion.For example, on page 197, there was emotion when the fire was spreading in the Von Machts’ home and Pegg and Horace needed to escape.Another example is on page 164 when the Von Machts’ candlestick mysteriously appears in Horace’s room.A final example is on page 141 when Horace tried to get out of the Von Machts’ house but couldn’t get out the front door because he didn’t have a key.To conclude, there were many emotional moments that could also lead to interesting moments in Seer of Shadows. Seer of Shadows is a book that has many intriguing moments.For example, on page 84, Horace was at the Von Machts’ house and when he looked to the left of Mrs. Von Macht, he saw the face of Elanora Von Machts’ ghost.Another example is on page 150 when Horace was developing pictures he took of Mr.Middleditch and when he saw a picture, he noticed Mr.Middleditch’s dead
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