Character Analysis : ' The Winner ' Of The Lottery '

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Character Role in Story Character Traits-use details from the characterization list Evidence from text-quote and page number
Tessie Hutchinson The “winner” of the Lottery. Tessie is a free spirit because she is the only villager to protest about the lottery. "It isn 't fair, it isn 't right," Mrs. Hutchinson screamed, and then they were upon her.(7)
Old Man Warner The oldest man in the village who has participated 77 lotteries. He believes that the lottery will make society stable and towns that have stopped doing them are crazy fools. Old Man Warner snorted. "Pack of crazy fools," he said. "Listening to the young folks, nothing 's good enough for them.
Mr. Summers The administrator of the lottery. He has complete control and leadership in society. It had a black spot on it, the black spot Mr. Summers had made the night before with the heavy pencil in the coal company office.(7)
Bill Hutchinson Tessie husband who snatches his wife’s paper that it was marked with a black dot. Bill might have been nervous for participating the lottery. "Harburt.... Hutchinson." "Get up there, Bill," Mrs. Hutchinson said. and the people near her laughed.(4)

Short Story Record
First and Last Name: Ashley Pagador
Story Title: The Lottery
Author: Shirley Jackson
Number of Pages: 7
Publisher and City of Publication: The New Yorker
Copyright Date: 1949

One of the best stories I’ve read. I would NOT recommend this to anyone

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