Character Development And Character Transformation In A Doll's House

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Everyone goes through situations in life that shape their personality. There are events that happen in life that influence the way we view the world and how we interact with others in it. In A Doll’s House, the story centers on Nora’s character development while she faces the challenges of adulthood and the weight of its responsibility. Nora’s dynamic personality is shaped by her sheltered upbringing, her relationship with her husband Torvald, and the outcome of Torvald discovering the truth about the money given to save his life. Nora grew up with a father that only showed his appreciation when she did his bidding. He would buy Nora gifts and refer to her as his “doll-child”, which he only played with her as she did with her dolls (42). …show more content…

He playfully refers to her as his “lark” or “squirrel” as she fondly responds back to him. He teases Nora in the first scene by asking her if she’s had any sweets since he doesn’t allow her to have any. For all intent and purposes, Nora was content with her life as it stood. She had wealth and a man that by all appearances loved her. This perceived love gave her security in her choice to be subdued and relegated to the life of a housewife. Even when Krogstad attempts to blackmail her, Nora’s believes that Torvald will stand by her side and understand her actions. Nora fears that she may be wrong, but through everything, her love for Torvald and her faith in his understanding gives her strength. That faith being broken by Torvald’s response to finding out the truth would be the final force that provokes change in Nora. She calls it her miracle; a feeling that if Torvald were to find out about her crimes, he would understand that the reason she committed them in the first place was because she loved him. He would accept her love and forgive her instantly, standing by her in the storm that would come. It’s because of this faith that she is crushed when Torvald immediately lashes out at her upon finding out about her transgressions, and instead condemns her proclaiming that she is an immoral person and an even worse mother. The entire foundation of Nora’s life was her

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