Characterism In The Play Hedda Gabler

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A brutal mix of manipulation, affairs, fear, and death, the play Hedda Gabler is a fine example of unhappiness in marriage and self. The author, Henrik Ibsen, creates a scenario which highlights the faults of his main character, Hedda Tesman, showing the audience where her true priorities lie. Throughout the play Hedda's character begins to regress, obsessively trying to gain control over those around her by plotting characters against each other and skillfully manipulating them. Devolving into a caged manic when she is unable to get her ways, she becomes trapped in a marriage that brings out her worst attributes. Ibsen brings about Heddas instability slowly, using character Judge Brack to show how an already unhappy woman can become a ticking bomb under marital restrictions. Putting her into more and more precarious situations , until, inevitably, she explodes. Ibsen's use of literary foils highlights Heddas weaknesses, revealing her true nature of cowardice. Building to her ultimate demise, brought about between the collision of [her lack of] control and fear. As in trying to gain control of others, you’ll lose control of yourself. Hedda Tesman has many visitors over the couple of days that we see of her life, but a frequent visitor that leaves a lasting impression is Judge Brack; an older man that is held with high respects by all. He has power in the community and is able to pass through people’s lives without much talk, judging those who he saw fit to judge. His

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