Characteristics Of A Good Leader In Lord Of The Flies

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What qualities make an or break a good leader? History would define leaders by being decisive, passionate, approachable and courageous. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding shows that like in many civilized countries there is a need for a leader to make decisions that best represents the people. Even in the extreme case in Lord of the Flies being on a deserted island; democracy and a leader are necessary to survive. Ralph exhibits being wise and prudence as Ralph displays the innate characteristic of sensibility when he decides to build shelters for survival and create a signal fire on top of the mountain. Ralph establishes himself as the best leader as he is democratic opposite to his counterpart. He exhibits this when he declares the holding of the conch as the right to speak during their assemblies. Ralph demonstrates one of the most challenging qualities of being a good leader; courage. Ralph demonstrates the characteristic of being courageous when he and the “biguns” are searching for the “beastie” in Castle Rock. In the novel Lord of the Flies, there is a competitiveness for power, although one emerges as the best leader on the island. Ralph is the best leader as he demonstrates the following characteristics; he is sensible, democratic, and finally courageous. Firstly, throughout the novel, there is an imbalance and competition for power. Ralph sets himself apart from the others by using his understanding the most important things to be done on the island.

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