Characteristics Of Achilles In The Iliad

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In the epic novel, The Iliad by Homer, Achilles demonstrates psychological and moral traits by showing his hubris, rage, and love of glory. We are able to understand these traits by predestination, the influence of war, and burial rights that were displayed in the story. We can see these come into work by Hector and Patroclus’ deaths for burial rites, Achilles’ fate being foreshadowed for predestination, and the Greek and Trojan conflict through the story of the influence of war.

Burial rites beliefs in the Greek culture are very strict and through these beliefs, we were able to see Achilles psychological traits. After Patroclus is killed, Achilles is very angry with Hector but depressed in the fact that Patroclus is the only person that Achilles loves. Due to this, Achilles puts off Patroclus’ burial because Achilles doesn’t want him to go to the afterlife. However, in the end, Achilles gives him a proper burial, this is where Achilles’ is first seen filled with rage. As Hector is the one who killed Patroclus, Achilles is filled with rage from. After stabbing Hector’s already dead body multiple times, Achilles refused to give Hector a proper burial. Achilles’ rage is getting the best of him because not giving him a proper burial would prevent Hector from going to the afterlife. After later realizing that not giving Hector a proper burial would be disrespecting the beliefs, he gives King Priam Hector’s body. By Abiding by these rites, we can see that burial rites

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