Characteristics Of Benvolio In Romeo And Juliet

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Benvolio’s Character Traits The text, Romeo and Juliet was written by Williams Shakespeare in the year 1597. It was a play set in the city of Verona in Italy in the time of renaissance and the character I will be writing about is Benvolio. Benvolio is an obscure character in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet who tries in all means to let peace prevail. His mission of peace wanting was not always acknowledged and accomplished as conflicts were always the last resort. Benvolio tried his best to make a change between the Capulets and Montague through his foil, Mercutio and cousin Romeo, but ultimately achieved nothing as Romeo and Juliet kicked the bucket in the last act. On the course of my essay, I would discuss Benvolio’s character traits through his speech, thoughts, effect on others, actions and looks. Benvolio as a character in Romeo and Juliet is seen as a peacemaker and a wise man through his speeches. He is wise, articulate, and makes clear statements to his cousin, Romeo and friend, Mercutio. He also shows himself as an honest young man who respects Romeo’s privacy and opinions. In (1,1,76) Benvolio shows himself as a man of peace when he tells the servants of each noble family to put down their swords. “Part, fools! Put up thy sword, or manage it to part these men with me” this statement clearly proves that Benvolio is a man who loves the word peace. Furthermore, (2,1,42-43) explains to us that Benvolio honours Romeo’s privacy. “let’s go. There is no point in

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