Characteristics Of Beowulf

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In today’s society, heroes are considered to be ordinary people. They are simply everyday heroes who go beyond the call of duty by risking their lives to protect others in dire need of help. In the Anglo-Saxon period, however, heroes were described as supermen with extraordinary strength and courage. These heroes can overpower monsters and fire-breathing dragons. In the classic poem, Beowulf, the main character has the characteristics of a sixth century hero because he is a noble who follows a code of honor and has courage and strength greater than anyone else in the kingdom. Beowulf is an epic hero who puts his reputation and life on the line for an entire kingdom. During the Anglo-Saxon Period, the first criteria of an epic hero is to have an honorable and noble lineage. Beowulf introduces himself as the son of noble and honorable parents. Beowulf’s father was the honorable Ecgtheow, and his mother was the daughter of King Hrethel of the Geats. Beowulf’s lineage establishes his honorable and respected position in the kingdom. As a result, he is seen as an epic hero by those around him and who are willing to follow him into battle. Like his father, he is a strong warrior who has ‘outlasted many a long winter,’ and is also on his path to ensuring his heroic legacy. Through his respected lineage and position, Beowulf is able to achieve the dedication of his peers to fight against monsters residing in the kingdom. Beowulf also outlines an epic hero

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