Characteristics Of Heroes

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“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary” (Gerard Way). This statement is a clear statement that clearly says, “heroes do not wear capes in real life”, they are just normal people who allow themselves to go up and beyond in life. Heroes are people that we all strive to be like for one reason or another, whether that reason is a greedy one like money or fame, or for a much nobler cause, such as helping out and making the world better, that does not stop us from trying our best to be one. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes from a small 6-year-old, to an adult who gives away everything for the right thing in life, and because of their everyday natural appearance we tend to overlook them as one and this seems a bit unfair. Because people everyday are sacrificing their wants for the right thing, persevering through their hardships, and show great amounts of determination, they are referred to as one single thing: a hero.
Now people everywhere sacrifice a lot to do necessary things, some of these people sacrifice a lot in order to protect others, they sacrifice things like time, limbs, and in some cases their own lives. Somebody who has a very personal experience with this is Corporal Tristan Segers. Sergers is a veterinarian who lost his leg due to a mining incident in Afghanistan while he was driving a war vehicle. The explosion caused his body severe wound that resulted in his leg needing to be amputated. Mr. Segers is a hero for two reasons: He
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