Characteristics Of My Father

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"If you want to see stupid, look in the mirror". My memory of my dad for the past eighteen years has either been of a seemingly just impatient and mean person or of a person who has a horrible attitude due to his addiction. There are many things that can plague a person's life with hurt, but the one thing that gets me is the fact that I have an alcoholic father. It's been a difficult life with alcohol addiction because my dad's personality began to change for the worse, different parts of my life have been affected negatively, and I never met my grandfather due to his own addiction.
Addiction psychologist and director of the website The Alcoholism Guide Deborah Morrow had this to say about addiction, “Research seems to show that those prone to addiction (and this includes alcoholics) have certain personality characteristics”. (Personality of an Alcoholic) She goes on to list common personality traits of an addict. Considering the fact that I've lived with an addict all of my life, most of the traits Morrow listed are very familiar to me.
A significant portion of my early life I just remember my father being really mean and impatient. I would always see him trying to pick fights with everyone. Eventually, he began to pick fights with me. Once I began to speak up and argue back he would go to extremes and call me names or just try to make me mad. I can recall a time, three weeks ago, when my father picked me up from school just ready to be upset. I was sitting down waiting

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