Characteristics Of The Blue Glaucus

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The Blue Glaucus The blue glaucus is a whopping 3 cm long but yet an extremely poisonous and deadly creature. In australia, where they are most commonly found, these animals wash up on the shore quite often. They wash up so often that many kids use them to play with. These kids throw theses creatures at each other and call it a game. This game is known as blue bottles and extremely dangerous. If the blue glaucus’ fingers touch you, they will release venom so lethal that in some cases it will kill you. Some of the more fascinating characteristics about the blue glaucus include, but are not limited to, the following: discovery, physical features, habitat, diet, reproduction, behavior, and defense. The truly amazing creature was first discovered in 1777. A father and son duo sailing, found this species almost by complete accident. They were sailing on the ship, HMS Resolution, through the pacific ocean when they found this animal. Their voyages goal was to find the southern continents and test out a new cronomitor that found longitudinal directions. Lucky for them, onboard was an artist that was able to draw the blue glaucus. Lots of other research has been completed since this first discovery. Part of understanding this creature is being able to see the physical features of this majestic creature. It looks like a beautiful princess alien from another planet. The blue glaucus is a sea slug with 6 limbs. On each limb is about 14 fingers decreasing by 4 fingers

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