Characteristics Of The Chesapeake And New England

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With the discovery of the New World in 1492, came the English in hopes of starting again in a new land. Through violence and other vile tactics, the English were able to remove most of the natives from the land and start creating their new societies. While this rebuilding occurred, the English split into two distinctive groups known as The Chesapeake and New England. In documents from both colonies, set in the 1600’s, we will examine how the same group of people can have completely different social characteristics, economics, and religion.

In the two regions, social structures completely differed from each other because they had different goals for how their territory would function. In New England, the structure was almost a complete copy of the one they had back home. Document B suggest this when it lists the travelers of those who would be arriving in New England. The Document implies that complete families along with their servants and herders came to New England with the idea to contain their tight knit community way of living. They wanted everyone to be comfortable in this new space that ultimately was there to serve as a religious sanctuary that spread the word of god. Unlike the New England citizens who aspired to be connected the people from The Chesapeake lived individual work focused life styles. In Document C it describes the people traveling to The Chesapeake as most men who were at the working age. This implies that The Chesapeake citizens lived a

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