Characteristics Of The Spear Of Dynasty

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Characteristics as you would be looking at him.

He had a Catholic Collar to retain the evil spirit. His weapon of choice is the Spear of Dynasty, which is used to spear the evil spirit within a bodily form either human or animal sometimes without hurting the host

While standing amongst the graves seen one day he would go to the land of milk and honey and the girls or all pretty or beautiful. Have human half dead after being executed by a crime syndicate that he was investigating and got too close to bringing them down but the buried only killed half of him leaving the rest to be human but will change. We did seeing him at all dead and the human theme him as all human.

But with tears running down his face and mumbling to himself that he could love no other like her but God, and that he would avenge her death with vengeance and the prices they …show more content…

When entering the graveyard or cemetery or where evil where the death bell tolls as he enters the area, all the evil spirits run and hide from him.

He finds himself walking through a graveyard and he sees the three different colored glowing balls of light flickering on and off and in and out of the tombstones and to throughout the graveyard itself.

He finally figures out that the red entities that stay above their grave or the evil ones preparing for Judgment Day to be judged. It's on their way to Hell. The green and yellow balls tend to play with each other back and forth within the boundaries of the graveyard. The green ones were the ones that were pure in nature. Although the yellow could be either way falling into the red group or green or red grapes, and he finally figured out that he was chosen to be on the yellow or red's side. Like an attorney, but for the dead, and he also had an existence and place within the graveyard, he worked closely with the

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