Characterization in the Film Dead Poets Society

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The movie Dead Poets Society (1989) tells the story of boy named Neil and his six acquaintances. They all go to a boarding school, which is rigorous and conservative, called Welton academy. In this analysis I will discuss first and foremost the characterization in the film. John Keating is the new charismatic poetry teacher with unconventional teaching methods he is later referred to as O captain, my captain. He also is an unconventional and inspirational leader who has a lot of influence over the boys and their lives. He puts the term carpe diem in focus, which means seize the day. Neil Perry who is there after his brother that was very popular and smart, he takes what Mr. Keating sais very seriously and he changes allot and gets to develop as a person throughout the story. Todd Anderson is a new pupil, he is surprisingly well received by the others, and he is incredibly shy. Throughout the story Todd finds himself more and more, he becomes less shy and more social. I am delegating him as the main character in the film because he is the only dynamic character Knox Overstreet is a static character in the film he gets more involved in romanticism as his interpretation of the term carpe diem. Charlie Dalton thrives on attention and it seems like he has a "god complex"(he feels he has to be in control of all situations). Charlie wants to be called Nwanda and is later referred to Nwanda in the film. Richard Cameron is everything Mr. Keating is against, he stands for traditions,

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