Pride And Prejudice Character Flaws

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Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, is a masterfully written novel that reveals timeless life lessons to the reader through its richly developed characters and storyline. Set in England during the early nineteenth century, the story revolves around the flaws of Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, and how their journey in overcoming these flaws eventually brings them together. Even though Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are seen to possess obvious character flaws right away, the author expertly uses the marriages of others, such as that of Elizabeth’s parents, to demonstrate just how important virtue is. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy work to overcome their flaws and as a result are seen to have a more happy and blessed marriage, whereas Elizabeth’s parents make no attempt to better themselves, resulting in a troubled and unhappy marriage. Jane Austen uses her characters Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Elizabeth, and Mr. Darcy to show that virtue is essential in the happiness of a marriage, and that without it, a marriage will break down.
The virtues and qualities that are lacking in the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are easily perceived early on in the book. Mr. Bennet is seen to have little patience for those who are not as intelligent as he is, and this includes his wife. Having foolishly married each other based on looks and other superficial qualities, Mr. Bennet did not truly know his wife when he married her, and thus he comes to discover that she is a rather silly woman when it is already

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