Characters Of ' Scout ' By ' Kill A Mockingbird '

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Courage has the capability of meaning different things to different people. It is usually divided into physical and mental courage and it has the potential to help people through tough situations. Throughout To Kill a Mockingbird, both physical and mental courage are shown from many of the main characters. This courage leads them to making important decisions that impact the outcome of the novel. Scout, Arthur Radley and Atticus all show an exceptional amount of bravery both internally and externally and these characteristics can show the reader who these characters truly are.
Jean Louise Finch, also known as Scout has shown great amounts of courage throughout To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout has not only shown mental courage, as she is often …show more content…

In this particular part of the story, Jem is using Scout’s gender to isolate her from a playing group. Scout uses a large amount of courage to stand up to him and continue to play with whoever she likes. However, she also had the courtesy of acting like a woman when she was required to. “ I carefully picked up the tray and watched myself walk to Mrs. Merriweather. With my best company manners, I asked her if she would have some. After all, if Aunty could be a lady at a time like this, so could I” (318PAGE) This quote shows that even though Scout is a dedicated ‘tomboy’, she knows when to act like a lady. for the rest of her family. Although this is mental courage, Scout’s physical courage was also shown during the time of the trial. As her father was guarding Tom Robinson’s cell, there were some men that threatened him if he did not move. Scout used her courage to walk out of her hiding place, despite her brother saying no, and stand up to the threatattacks. She talked to them about their children and targeted them emotionally so that they would realize what they were about to do.
He’s in my grade,” I said, “and he does right well. He’s a good boy,” I added, “a real nice boy. We brought him home for dinner one time. Maybe he told you about me, I beat him up one time but he was real nice about it. Tell him hey for me, won’t

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