Charity Organization, The Giving Pledge Essay

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1. Explain what “The Giving Pledge” is, and give an outline of the different attitudes presented in texts 2 and 3.
“The Giving Pledge” is an organization for rich American people. This charity organization consists of many wealthy people like Bill Gates who is the co-founder of Microsoft. Bill Gates launched this campaign and all the members have different causes. Bill Gates wants to support improvements of the medical difficulties, for example Bill Gates want to make vaccines reach everyone in the world.
All the members of the organization have agreed to donate at least 50% of their fortune to a charity. Warren Buffett has decided to donate 99% of his fortune to “The Giving Pledge”. Warren Buffett lifestyle will not be affected by this …show more content…

In contrast to Peter Wilby, Jon Swartz does not see problem that the good marketing will sell, for example Bill Gates will sell more on “Windows operating systems”. Jon Swartz is using some quotes from Caroline Preston “Nothing like this has happened before”. Jon Swartz is very excited and he is finding some good quotes to back up his claims. I almost get the impression that “The Giving Pledge” has paid Jon Swartz to write this article. Jon Swartz also points out how much money they are donating. “Among those who didn't sign the pledge, some preferred anonymity, some were unavailable, and others were not interested.” Jon Swartz got some hatred for the people who did not sign the pledge; this is also showing that it is biased and not neutral.
3. Taking your standpoint in one of the texts, argue for your own view of charitable giving.
I think that these people have giant hearts and they are really generous. It is unbelievable how rich these men are. I think it’s an excellent idea donating money to education and science. But taking Peter Wilby points in consideration I see that it could be a business plan to create a better reputation and if u has a great reputation you will sell more products or services. However it’s a great idea to share your wealth and through research you could get vaccines to all the people in the world. These charities are great not only for science but also for innovation. All these Billion dollars could be

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