Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Social Darwinism

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Different theories have been brought to our attention, and a lot of them have come from Charles Darwin. Many of them have been proven but many of them are still up for speculation. One of them stuck out among most though, and it is a very talked about subject. Charles Darwin stated the theory of Social Darwinism where people presumed the weak thrive and resulted in the survival of only the fittest. Living fossils were another topic that Darwin came up with. Even though Darwin founded this theory many different men elaborated on this. During the study, researchers measured jaw bones from all relatives of the living tuatara, and compared these as evidence of dietary adaptation. They also examined rates of morphological evolution in the …show more content…

Wesson explored through many forests and mountains in many places including the Brazilian forests, Argentine pampas, and Chilean and Scottish mountains if not to do anything but to show Darwin’s energy and how much he worked for this. Marine fossils had also been found among the mountain tops, but this was not bothering most geologists, but younger scientists such as Charles Lyell claimed that there was an observable process that could explain this phenomena. The Beagle detected any shorelines from the keenness of Darwin’s eye from hundreds of miles out of the way. From these observations they could infer that earthquakes helped shape the earth. After docking their boat Darwin then gave his testimony on the subject and became a large British Science figure to the world. Wesson’s travels are mildly interesting, but he hits the mother load when he concentrates on his subject and reveals that 20 years before Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species, his genius was already in evidence. Another theory to submerge itself into the minds of people was the theory of Reincarnation. Reincarnation was a big deal back in the day because most people did not believe or did not know much about it. Due of the Scopes trial of 1925, not to mention more recent problems about teaching evolution in public schools, we are accustomed to thinking of Darwin’s theory of evolution as antithetical to

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