Charles Dickens 's Life And Life

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Charles Dickens was an adored, creative and respected British author of several literary pieces that are at this time are referred as classics. He was born on February 7, 1812, in Portsmouth which is located on the southern coast of England. Charles Dickens had a very rough upbringing. He didn’t have the ordinary life a child has. Between seven brothers and sisters he was the second born. His parents raised them together until his father whose name was John had accumulating amounts of debts which in the long run got his arrested and sent to a debtors ' prison. John was an exceptionally caring and easy going kind of guy. Charles Dickens was twelve when his father went to prison. His mother took all her children and moved into the prison with his father expect Charles. He spent around three months living apart from his family where he was working putting labels on bottles in a warehouse. At this point in his life he went through a very disturbing period. He saw himself doing something else and thought he was better than just putting labels on a bottle. Eventually, his father was released from prison and Charles Dickens went back to school. He then began working as a law clerk. When he was twenty-five, he wrote his first novel which was “The Pickwick Papers”. That novel was the start of him being one of the greatest English novelists of his time. In 1843, Charles Dickens most recognized piece “A Christmas Carol” was written. He wrote it with the purpose of having the reader’s…
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