Charles Dodgson Research Paper

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“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast” (Carroll 5). Charles Dodgson, the author of two of the most famous children’s books in the world, was a very peculiar man. He wrote under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. Carroll is famous for writing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. Much of Dodgson’s characteristics and life experiences influenced how he composed his novels. Before Dodgson began writing novels, he wrote poems. These poems were full of nonsense language and sentences that do not make sense. These poems influenced his writing by setting the scene for his books. He grew up in the Victorian time period and many of the characteristics of this time period …show more content…

As a child, he was forced to learn how to entertain himself and his siblings. He developed a very strong imaginations from this. He created many games for his siblings and himself. He began using his large imagination to write. He also used it to entertain children. “He also had a stammer—what he referred to as his “hesitation”—that he never wholly overcame; by some accounts, he was able to speak more naturally and easily to children”(Lewis Carroll). This speech impediment was worse when Dodgson spoke in front of adults. When he spoke with children, the stammer disappeared. He used this disability to his advantage, and spoke frequently with children. He used this to tell the children stories and his use of nonsense amused them. His nonsense language intrigued the children. He entertained many …show more content…

Lewis Carroll is the pseudonym of Charles Dodgson. Charles Dogson was a well known author and poet. Dogson’s experiences in his life influenced how he wrote and how he created his characters in his novels. He was famous for his nonsense language in his poetry. His nonsense language created the atmosphere of Wonderland and Looking Glass World. Dogson grew up during the Victorian Era. This time period affected the novels greatly. The dominance of the woman was very important because there was a queen in control. Alice is portrayed as dominant. Dogson was the eldest son of multiple children. He was forced to learn to entertain himself and his siblings. This caused him to have a large imagination. It is also most likely the reason he was only comfortable speaking to children. One of the children he spoke to most often was Alice Liddell. Both of his novels were based on Alice. How Dodgson was raised and how he lived his life impacted his books in a large

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