Charles Reason Short Biography

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Charles Lewis Reason was born on July 21, 1818 in New York City. Along with this other siblings Elwer, Patrick and policarpe Reason, there last name was originally Rison. Policarpe was their oldest sister she died in the year Charles was born in 1818 at the age of four. His parents Elizabeth and Michel Reason made it their top priority that their children take their education seriously. They were immigrants who have arrived from Haiti and 1793 and was apart of the Haitian Revolution Movement. Meaning that they were anti slaves that were ruled by non white people. They fought for freedom, sugar, coffee, and many other products. In Charles early childhood he had a passion for mathematics. Him and his brothers attended The African Free School of New York. Charles had better things in store for himself he started teaching at the age of fourteen. His school paid him the teach, made up to 25 dollars a year. He used his money for a tutor to help him in order for him the continue his education. He ended up making his own teaching school for blacks. Charles then played a role in the Negro Convention Movement and became the co-author. He fought for freedom and stood his grounds throughout the whole movement. He wanted everyone to be equal and for …show more content…

He then moved to Philadelphia to become a principal of institute for colored youth. He turning students into outstanding leaders. After three years of Charles being in Philadelphia he then returned back to New York where he became a administer and reformer for schools in New York. Charles was married and widowed three times his last wife was Clorice Esteve they were married on July 17, 1855 she was the love of his life they did not have any kids together but Clorice had a daughter of her own with her last husband. In 1882 he was honored for fifty years of service. In 1887 he became the chair man of the Grammar school

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