Charlie Chaplin Vaudeville

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Charlie’s life started in london england. His birth date was, April 16th 1889. He grew up with his family until the age of 10 when his father, Charles Chaplin, passed away. With his father's death and mother's subsequent illnesses, Mr. Chaplin grew up with his two brothers, Sydney, and Wheeler. Thankfully he received the gift of talent from his parents and started on stage with his brothers. Vaudeville is a variety of acts that are on a common bill. Just lots of variety in them, probably very entertaining. Charlie was a good vaudeville entertainer because he was a comedian who knew how to own the stage and use his talents. Charlie was invited after his second tour, to join the New York motion picture company. The guy thought he would be a good replacement. He …show more content…

His most successful taking movie was the the great dictator. His love life was very lively. He had four wives in total and the fourth one was his last. His first wife was named Mildred Harris (1901-1944) and they married in 1918 after a pregnancy scare. They divorced in 1920 and it wasn’t pretty. His second wife was named Lita Grey (1908-1995) and she gave birth to two children with Chaplin. This marriage came to a bad end in court. His third wife was Paulette Goddard and it lasted from 1936 to 1942. They divorced too, but it was on okay terms. Finally his last wife was Oona O’Neill and she was 18 when they met. They found happiness together and had eight kids. Charlie Chaplin sounded political, he lived in LA for over 40 years as a non-citizen, and he violated the artist code. He moved to Switzerland to be free from the USA. He was a great guy and he was really charismatic and he made lots of movies, both silent and talking. He showed future filmmakers what they could be if they worked hard and kept going. He’s truly an

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