Charlie's Change In Daniel Keyes Flowers For Algernon

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Your view on others can change in a matter of seconds. In the story “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, a thirty-seven year old man named Charlie Gordon has a chance of a lifetime. Charlie is going to undergo an operation to make him smarter. Along the way, he meets a mouse named Algernon who had the same operation as him. Throughout the story, Charlie’s feelings about Algernon change drastically. Before Charlie had his operation done to make him smarter, he absolutely despised Algernon. “I had lots of tests and different kinds of races with Algernon. I hate that mouse.” Charlie hated Algernon because he would always beat him in all the tests and races they did together. Algernon would make Charlie feel dumber when he would constantly destroy him in every race. Beating Charlie almost became …show more content…

Charlie started to like Algernon because he didn’t make him feel dumb anymore. “They let me hold him for a minit. Hes not so bad.” Once he realizes the operation works, Charlie has no reason to hate Algernon. He starts to enjoy holding and petting Algernon now that he is smarter. He actually starts feeling bad for Algernon. “That made me sad because if he couldnt lern he woud be hungry.” Charlie finds out that Algernon has to take a test to be able to eat, and he feels bad for Algernon. Charlie thinks it’s cruel to make something work just so it can eat. After that, Charlie would become good friends with Algernon. After Charlie’s operation, he starts to realize there is no reason for him to hate Algernon. I like how the author makes Charlie’s opinion change after the operation to make him smarter. Daniel Keyes does a good job mixing up Charlie’s feeling before and after the operation. That made the story a lot better than it would have been if he didn’t include that. Keyes does a fantastic job making the story revolve around Charlie’s feelings towards not just Algernon, but his whole

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