Charlie's Ramblings: A Narrative Fiction

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Charlie, a smart, clever lad. Well, some may call it clever, some call it evil. The fact of the matter is, Charlie had ways of manipulating other children into doing his work. This story is one of his more... genius schemes. Charlie always had plights when it came to keeping items, and so, he kept a list of the property he lost. Most items he lost were unimportant, useless doohickeys and thingamajigs. Except for today. Today Charlie lost the gift he received for his birthday, a $350 dollar Intel Skylake processor. At the moment, Charlie is panicking in his room, trying to find it. "Oh, where is it, I have to find the processor," Charlie rambling, "... and I'm talking to myself. Stop Charlie, stop. Think for a second." Charlie had a brilliant …show more content…

I like you guys, you aren’t annoying like some other kids.” “Remember what you said? ‘You people are so annoying i wish you all would just vanish’?” “I said that?” “Yeah… what are you really planning?” “Nothing! I just wanted to play a game with some friends. We’re friends right, Timmy?” “Okay, whatever, what game?” “A scavenger hunt, inside my house. I have the list right here.” The little ambassador talked to the congregation of kids, asking if they wanted to play. After some discussion, everyone agreed, for the most part. Then, one by one, they took lists from Charlie’s hands. Charlie led the flock of children to his home. He decided to collect toys from the mindless children saying it was a fee to let them play his amazing scavenger hunt. Now, not only was he getting back lost goodies, and his processor. He was also getting materials to build contraptions. Charlie started the game, the kids went on a frenzy, looking for the items on the list. Charlie sat back and played games to pass the time. In 20 mere minutes, all 67 items on the list were found. He kicked the children out of his house and stated his thanks. I guess reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer paid off, I got my stuff back, and didn’t do a thing. Now, Charlie can go back to his

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