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Has your car engine been making strange noises? If so, the organizers of Charlotte, NC’s largest auto show say the sounds could be indicative of a bigger issue. As the brains behind Charlotte AutoFair, they have a deep understanding of car-related matters. They are here to share insights on car engine noises and what they potentially mean:

Clicking: If this sound occurs when you’re driving slow, you may have a faulty hydraulic valve lifter at hand. Another instance car engines produce a clicking noise is when the gap between the valve tappet and rocker arm is wider than recommended. You may also hear a similar noise when accelerating your car, in which case the cause is damaged or loose rings or pins in the piston. To get a clear idea of the problem, be sure to get your car inspected by a professional mechanic.

Metallic Knocking: When you hear a knocking sound originating from your engine, there is likely a problem with the alignment of the connecting rods. In most cases, the noise becomes apparent …show more content…

The most common reason for an engine to backfire is a damaged valve or camshaft. Additionally, misplaced spark plug wires and timing issues with your ignition or camshaft belt can also cause the loud pop sound. Because backfiring engines can set your hood on fire, the auto show connoisseurs at Charlotte AutoFair emphasize consulting a car specialist immediately.
This useful information reflects the extensive automotive experience the specialized team at Charlotte AutoFair has acquired over the years. Their unrivaled expertise in the area is also at display at each of their biannual car shows, which house the area's most spectacular collector cars. To learn how to participate in their upcoming auto show from April 7 through 10, talk to the company’s helpful staff at (704) 841-1990. Further details about their spring exhibit are available

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