Chart Industries, Inc. And The Industrial Gas, Energy And Biomedical Industries

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Chart’s Inaugural Webinar Tells Brewers to Lose the Widget
BALL GROUND, Ga., Feb. 2 2016 -- Chart Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:GTLS), a leading diversified global manufacturer of highly engineered equipment for the industrial gas, energy and biomedical industries, will debut its webinar series featuring the company’s liquid nitrogen (LN2) dosing technology.
Having spent the last 30 years perfecting the LN2 dosing process, used for preserving, pressurizing and freezing in a wide variety of packaging applications in the food and beverage industries, Chart’s inaugural online event, entitled, No Widget? No Problem, will feature project manager Tyler Jones demonstrating Chart Industries UltraDoser©LN2 Dosing System. The UltraDoser© is the multi-purpose LN2 dosing system that dispenses a precise dose of LN2 into every container every time just before the can or bottle is sealed. Many of the most popular craft breweries in the county have implemented this technology on the production line.
“Chart’s NitroFresh Dosers are the most consistent and well-supported dosing systems in the world,” Jones said. “Whether the application is bottling, canning or another form of packaging, our NitroFresh Dosers can cut down on cost for breweries and extend the shelf-life of the product.”
LN2 dosing serves two main purposes. First off, when LN2 is introduced into the can following filling, oxygen, which is damaging to the beer, is removed from the headspace. This increases the shelf-life of the

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