Charter Schools Thesis Statement

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Chicago charter high school has a higher standard of education and curriculum for students and to a pathway to early collage. The Three main points that I will be explaining in this essay are: Charter schools benefits students and help students achieve by improving academic performance and results through specific charters. As schools operating outside of the traditional public school system, charter schools could provide more flexibility and improved leaning environment as well individualized choices or pathways for students. The Charter schools provide choices for families that are educational. It improves specific curriculum ideas and makes teachers have more balance in their work. The thesis statement states the essay’s main argument…show more content…
In like a manner, Charter schools improve the learning environments for students and help improve focus on learning and achievement. To a direct quote from the RAND Corporation, “Charter schools are publicly funded schools that operate outside direct school district control and are intended to provide educational choice to families, reduce bureaucratic constraints on educators and provide competitive pressure to conventional public schools.” Which however signifies, Charter schools adapted to student’s specific needs and abilities, as well as offer individualized choices and alternative pathways in the educational system. For a counterargument, Opponents to school choice argue that “test scores alone may not fully measure the benefits of charter schools for their students.” For more reasoning of charter schools, the existences of charter schools, improved specific, or challenging curriculum offerings could also serve to increase the competition between traditional and charter public schools. Increase flexibility for staff and teachers could “reduce bureaucratic constraints on educators.” The environment in charter schools is more socially supportive, and is less prone to
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