Cheating Is A Hot Topic

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Cheating is a hot topic these days. There is much pressure on a student or child to perform well in class. Not only does the pressure build academically, but physically on the sports field. As parents, are we encouraging this behavior because we want our student to do well and achieve the end goal of being recognized or to receive a scholarship? I see it happening and depending on who the child/parent is, I might say something, because the end result could result horribly. I can remember a time, and I am dating myself here, back in high school, I remember it distinctly. I was a sophomore at Portage Northern High School. I was sitting in Mr. Sterner’s Spanish class and we are about to take a test. Let me advice, Spanish was not a fun class, especially when it is not as interactive as the classes our children are attending today. Our teachers/professors have learned a few things since the 80’s. However, I am preparing for a test and yes, I cheated. I purposely wrote answers on the top of my note book where it just shows indentations of the words I needed. Did I get caught?, YES! Mr. Sterner pulled me aside after class and directly asked if I did. I wasn’t going to lie, but flat out told him that I did not feel confident or prepared for this exam. I knew others were cheating, but I was one that got caught and remorse did set in. I was probably more fearful of my parents finding out than anything else. Yikes! Looking back, I would have a

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