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“Today is the day.” I shouted in my thoughts, I was frightened, worried, and overwhelmed. My hands and my forehead where covered in little beads of sweat. I longed for the hours to creep by, but they flew by like they were racing a cheetah. The time for me to get ready was almost here, I wanted to quit, I wanted to stay home and hide, but the performance was so close, it wasn't an option. So, I slipped on my salmon lace dress, I felt the soft fabric on my arms and the skirt swaying around my knees like palm trees in the wind. I felt the felt the tightness of the leather from my new white sandals. I felt my nerves as they seemed to flow in my bloodstream, fear pulsing through my veins. I was walking at the slowest pace possible. Wondering when …show more content…

Everyone looking for seats under the snow white tent, taking their seats, the seats creaked as the people sat. One after another the acts started and ended. Then It was my turn. “Now, for a talented young artist, her first time in the youth showcase, please give a warm welcome to, Alliya!” The speakers boomed and the audience clapped as I stepped onto the stage. The audience quieted and the song began, I counted in my head until it was my queue, when I sang, the music filled my ears, like water to buckets, and overwhelmed my body, so that the ocean of notes washed away my fright and I got lost in the music, dancing around the stage, the audience clapping to the beat of the music, my dress twirling, and my feet tapping. As I ended the performance, the last breath of the last note lingered in the air. But was soon blown about as the audience erupted like a volcano, the sound took over my ear drums. I happily skipped of the dark brown stage, and I sighed a breath of relief, and was consumed by the large

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