Cheez: A Short Story

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We can’t have Cheez-its in the cafeteria anymore. I can’t believe it! It’s all because of some stupid kid. It was November 14. As usual, the cafeteria was filled with clamor. My friends and I found an empty table by the door and made ourselves at home. Gazing around the cafeteria, I spotted nothing out of the ordinary. Well, there was one thing. A little boy was sitting with his back to the table he was sitting at. His dark, brown eyes glistened mischievously. A small bag of unopened Cheez-its were clutched between his fingers. I stopped for a moment, wondering what he was up to. Deciding to let it go, I resumed my survey of the cafeteria, but my curiosity forced me to turn back. The boy was crushing the bag in his hand, causing a crunching

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