Chemical Compounds That Have A Effect On The Public Health

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Perchlorates are inorganic chemical compounds that have a pounding effect on human health and especially on the thyroid homeostasis. The growing levels of perchlorates in drinking water and industrial waste have a detrimental impact on the public health in various ways. This report tries to correlate the impact of perchlorates and their effect on the human population. The damage caused by perchlorates varies from person to person and is governed by a set of factors like the duration of the exposure, amount of exposure, age group, gender and lifestyle. Perchlorates acts by competitively inhibiting the sodium/iodide symporter and thereby blocks the iodide intake into the thyrocytes leading to a decrease in T3 and T4 hormone secretions. However different EDC’s (Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals) have their own corresponding mechanisms of thyroid homeostasis disruption. To look into the possible benefits of perchlorates, KClO4 has a role in the treatment of hyperthyroidism since it was a potential inhibitor of sodium/iodide symporter blocking the thyroid hormone synthesis. Although it may or may not maintain constant thyroid homeostasis (Euthyroidism) upon treating with the potassium perchlorate. The hazardous incidence of perchlorates can be discussed in a broad way and are dependent on the various above mentioned factors. In fact, even a lenient hypothyroidism have a profound impact in pregnant women and infants, causing neurological defects and

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