Essay Comparing Agent Orange, DDT, And Benzene

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Protecting the environment from toxic contaminants such as pesticide, herbicide and other Solvents are vital to the survival of the inhabitants of the respective environment. This is important because such contaminants, when released into the environment can create devastating health problems such as cancer in humans. This paper will evaluate three of the many carcinogenic chemicals that have the propensity to cause cancer and other health problems. Therefore, the paper will evaluate Agent Orange, DDT, and Benzene.
In addition, the paper will discuss incidents relating to each respective chemical. Also depicted in this paper is the type of cancers caused by each chemical and other related health problems associated with each chemical. Finally, the role of government agencies such as FDA, EPA and OSHA in preventing excessive amount or zero amounts of toxic chemicals from entering the environment will be discussed. The last paragraphs will enumerate the inferred conclusion from my research on Agent Orange, DDT and Benzene.
Identification of human carcinogen (Agent Orange)
The first chemical to be discussed is Agent Orange; Agent Orange has been identified as a human carcinogen; this chemical was introduced during the Vietnam war as a defoliant for the thick Vietnamese jungle. Although Agent Orange contained a variety of herbicides, most of the pesticide contained Phenoxyacetic acid – based herbicide 2,4-D and 2,4, 5-T. The most common mixture of the Agent Orange used during

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