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The animals eat a variety of things in the Chernobyl area, but it is all radioactive. Toads eat stag beetles or worms and herons eat stag beetles (and other insects) fish, toads, and mice. Bobcats eat elk or roe deer and Short-eared owl eat rodents. Lynx eats roe deer, rodents, or birds and Raptor eats short-eared owls, rodents, fish, and fruits. Hedgehog eats snakes, berries, bird eggs or melons and moose eat leaves and twigs. Elk eats grass or pine trees and foxes eat fruits, grasses, birds, and rodents. wolves eat Przewalski horse, elk, moose, beavers account for 60% of the wolves diet. The animals in Chernobyl are radioactive. Spiders, webs aren’t normal and wolves, eat other radioactive animals which make the wolves radioactive. Eagles, eat leftover toxic animals and catfish swim in water that was used at the site to …show more content…

Grey wolf is the symbol of the wild, there are 300 or more wolves in the Chernobyl area. Wolves were not always lucky, wolves eat Przewalski horse, elk, moose. beavers account for 60% of the wolves diet. Wolves are reversing the return of the swamps, and radioactive wolves are apex predators. They roam deserted villages and across frozen rivers. Spiders still use webs to catch prey, and they are highly radioactive themselves. They are deadly to non-radioactive animals, and their webs aren’t normal and they are abstract webs. Scientists suspect a genetic mutation is at hand. Eagles, hunt only in the summer, eat the leftovers from the wolf kills, they are making a serious comeback, and they build nests in abandoned watchtowers. Catfish they can grow to be 8 feet long or more, and they keep growing throughout their whole life. Birds, there are different types of birds in Chernobyl like, eagles, sand martins, coal mines, cranes, herons, over 120 species of birds, along with the Black Stuart. Linx, hunters ran them out of Europe, they disappeared from Europe, scientists have no idea how radioactive they

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