Chernobyl Cause And Effect Essay

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Cause and Effect of Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Have you ever wondered why only limited countries in the world, have their hand on nuclear energy? This could have many reasons, but mainly it is due to a lack of technology, and science needed to operate such stations. Ukraine was one of such countries that opened a nuclear power plant in 1977, an era in which the majority of the developed countries turned their backs on the most popular source of energy: oil, and slowly replaced it with nuclear energy. The Chernobyl nuclear accident in the Ukraine that occurred in 1986, was caused by untrained personnel, leading to both long and short term consequences. The disaster took place on April 1986, and was caused by inexperienced staff. When the power plant had to undergo a special test, to make sure that sufficient amount of cooling water would be supplied to the reactor in case of a power outage. However, the test had been delayed, because the national grid required the power output more than the expected time. Hence, the test was postponed after midnight where the night shift had to come. The night shift had little experience about such a test as most of them were electrical engineers rather than nuclear. On the other hand, the night shift had to perform the test before the grid needed the power again, otherwise they would have all been fined or fired. Consequently, lead to an unnecessary pressure on the personnel, which in turn increased the probability of making incorrect

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