Chevrolet : Romeo And Juliet : Alternative Strategy And Strategies

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Strategy Alternatives
The first alternative strategy that Chevrolet could implement is to get away from their idea of planned product obsolescence. Instead of coming out with a new model every year, they could come out with a new model every other year. By doing this, they would save a lot of money and time. They would also have more time to develop a safer and more innovative vehicle.

The second alternative strategy is to focus solely on fuel efficient and electric vehicles. This is not only the popular vehicle to buy but it also would contribute to the new regulation of making all vehicles 54.5 mpg by 2025.

The last alternative strategy is to focus Chevrolet’s efforts in other countries. Chevrolet already has a massive presence in the United States. They already have a loyal customer base and top selling cars. Expanding into the global markets would allow for more opportunities and increased revenue.
Strategy Recommendation
I recommend that Chevrolet focus its efforts on producing fuel efficient and electronic vehicles. With their idea of planned product obsolescence, coming out with a more fuel-efficient car will also please to the consumer. Society is more health and environmentally conscious now and Chevy needs to adapt to that. This recommendation works with consumer demand and the new government regulation. Additionally, with changing gas prices this option makes consumers less reliant on oil. Chevrolet can also be ahead of the curve in producing all their
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