Technology In The 1920s

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Harvey Juarez
Moore 3
8 October 2015
Technology / Automobiles in the 1920s.
In the 1920s cars were very expensive, only the rich owned cars. Much like nowadays the cars the rich had back then are European imported vehicles. The rivalry between Henry Ford and the dodge brothers has gone since the automotive industry began, Each in a race to create the best car. though the never ending battle continues not one can surpass the other. The First World War had just come to an end the Americans were very happy with winning the war. The president at the time was Woodrow Wilson. The radio was a great invention in the 20s era and so were silent movies. This decade was also important for its advancements in science and medicine. The population's health rate increased dramatically do to the medicines and immunization. The telephone and expansion type circuit breaker were great advances in the electrical field. During the 1920s the only people that owned cars were the rich, Henry Ford was not a very big fan of this so he decided to do something about it. Mr.Ford started a car manufacturing company, …show more content…

Some of Henry Ford's workers quit to make there own automobile company, they named it Chevrolet. Ford had recently bought out Lincoln, which means he was now making three different types of vehicles. The following companies: Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet were competing to see who can make the best vehicle. Though Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet had managed to make cars affordable a new problem arose, and that was who can stay at the top of the automobile business? Though we’ll never know exactly when Ford’s and Dodge’s rivalry will end, we do know they will keep making some nice

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