Chewing Gum Experiment

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I found that on an experiment being the same as mine that chewing gum does help you concentrate. 53 students chewed gum and 58 didn’t chew any gum. Craig Johnston of the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, led the study of this experiment. A man named William Wrigley Jr issued a press release, which stated “The researchers found that students who chewed gum showed an increase in standardised math test scores, and their final grades were better compared to those who didn’t chew gum,” (Abrahams). These details were discovered in 2008 on the US government’s website, for everybody- scinetists and the public.’s records show the differences in the grades of the test scores to be a very small difference. Also, in 2009 Uwe Tanzer of the University of Oldenburg. Two of his colleagues had 8-9 year old students. They had some students chew gum and others chew gum while taking a 16 minute concentration test. …show more content…

Researchers then published an article “Chewing Gum and Concentration Performance” and they said that the students who chewed gum had a much more significant and positive effect on the concentration test they

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