Chicago Cinematography Scene

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The scene that I chose the lighting is a lot older, since the movie is older. When the camera zooms onto the characters face I notice a lot of slow falloff effects. I can see the balance between the shadows and the brightness. As the room there are a lot of extreme brightness on the character’s clothes, almost to the point where the character looks to bright. The room shot on 0:18:14 shows a variety of object connected, object disconnected, and independent cast shadows. The object connected cast shadows are shown from the characters that are standing and the lamp attached to the wall. The object disconnected cast shadows is coming from the lamp because the shadow is far away from where the object stands. The floor in the shot display a lot of independent cast shadows because I can’t see where they are coming from. The light from the window shines into the room, so it shows that it’s the morning time. The scene altogether has a high key lighting because of the brightness with a lot of slow falloffs to follow.
The scene first starts off with an establishing shot of Vegas in the kitchen and then moves over to a shot of Brett sitting down looking scared. The scene has many shots varying from extreme close up shots to wide shots. I wanted to narrow down the type of shots because a lot of them are …show more content…

The low angle shot of Jules holding the gun towards Brett gives the viewers an idea on how he is feeling. When the camera up close to Jules Winnfield face I feel those are eye level shots because we as the viewers would be looking right at him. Then there is the shot towards the end of the scene where Jules and Vega fire their guns killing Brett, those are also examples of low angle shots, even though we don’t see Brett anymore we as viewer have a feeling on what is going to happen

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