Chicago School Of Social Ecology Theory

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Chicago School of Social Ecology has played its vital role in the development of urban ecology theory as the sociologists and ecologists from aforementioned school such as Robert Park and Earnest Burgess propagated that Central Business District (CBD) impacts urban and downtown planning, urban renewal, urban expansions, housing projects, commercial activities, industrialization, community development and urban ecological system. Next, the Berlin School of Urban Ecology also extended the aforementioned theoretical argument when the theorist Herbert Sukopp elaborated on studying the importance of biodiversity patterns, environmental transformations and natural changes in the global ecological system, processes and structures. Therefore, the theorists, academicians, researchers, sociologists and environmentalists argue that the theory of urban ecology broadly incorporates the facets of other crucial disciplines related to education, health, economy, psychology, social sciences, sociology, anthropology, history, environment, biosciences, economy, politics, international relations, geography, urban architecture and technology. One of the major developments pertaining to urban ecology theory is the comprehensiveness of modern urban system by incorporating social consciousness, social structures, social and government institutions, community relationships, migration, public infrastructure, governmental revenue streams, unemployment and underemployment problems. In other words, the

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