Chicago V. Leopold And Loeb : Crime Of The Century

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Chicago v. Leopold and Loeb: Crime of the Century The case that shocked Chicago ravaged the front pages of newspapers, was the talk of the town, and became infamous throughout Illinois and the U.S. The savage and questionable murder of a young, sweet boy proved all anyone could talk about in summer 1924. The media went haywire when the details about the murder and motive seemed different than any before. Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb committed a murder so violent and brutal that their excuse committing it was simply because they wanted to commit the perfect crime. The Leopold and Loeb trial contained so many nuances, twists, and turns that the media rightfully dubbed it the “Crime of the Century.” The trial Chicago v. Leopold and Loeb of 1924 brought together America by bringing awareness to capital punishment in the justice system. The murder of Bobby Franks was a gruesome and seemingly unexplained phenomenon in Cook County. The case took the nation by storm and brought the world attention to Chicago. Leopold and Loeb were two relatively normal teenagers on paper. The intricacies of their lives, however, pushed them into a different category. At the beginning of 1924, the devious mind of Richard Loeb began to plot an evil and gruesome murder of an as of yet unknown victim. Loeb’s literal partner in crime was Nathan Leopold. Together the two were to have done many things that they normally would not have done if apart. Clarence Darrow, on of two lawyers hired by the

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