Child Abuse And Neglect Of Children

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Throughout history, children have been subjected to extensive abuse and neglect including but not limited to physical, sexual and psychological abuse and neglect alongside being provided with little to no rights. To combat this, individual states within our nation initiated Child Abuse reporting laws starting in 1963 which quickly spread throughout the nation. However, these laws oftentimes failed to adequately address and treat the extensive instances of child abuse and neglect due to lack of support, funding and recognition. It was not until a full decade later that the federal government enacted legislature and provided federal funds to support and assist states in their ongoing fight against child abuse which provided more adequate …show more content…

Several revisions of this 1974 legislation have occurred since, which included the requirement of all states to fund child protection programs, the establishment of response procedures, the institution of a national system on reports of child abuse and neglect and safeguards against false reporting ( The most recent revision in 2010 occurred under President Obama which mandated every child involved in a court case be appointed an attorney which will continue as long as the court maintains its jurisdiction over the case; added a requirement of a referral to child protective services for children born with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder; encouraged state and local CPS agencies to practice differential response; encouraged families to participate in case planning and placement; and authorized service to children exposed to domestic violence as an eligible expenditure (Bogenschneider, 2011, p. 148). Since its implementation, CAPTA grown and developed from initially addressing the actual occurrences of child abuse in order to increase awareness to narrowing its focus to prevention and the development of differential

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