Children With Child Abuse And Neglect

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There are different types of programs that are available for youth and families where child abuse and neglect is apparent. Such programs that are available for young people and non-offending family members are Forensic Interviews, Family Services, Therapy & Counseling, and Prevention Education. Other programs are available in different areas for families where youth are showing different types of outcries to help non-offending family members and the child get the help that is needed for several of reasons. Such other programs are that which is similar to as a residential treatment program.
Each state has programs that are set up in dealing with the crisis of child abuse and neglect. Each state across the nation is looking into the different program in which they have and how the programs need to be adjusted so that the needs of the children and families are a better fit. Through the different programs that have been set up, some states have seen some improvements in the programs for child abuse and neglect while other state’s are seeing failures for the different programs. Through the research on the various programs, some states are seeing a decline in how many youth is having issues after becoming adults with going into the corrections system. While other states are not only seeing a rise on how many children are entering the state 's custody due to child abuse and neglect, but the young people are going into the corrections system as adults. With some states seeing a
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