Child And Family Services Act

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The Gatehouse is a very unique community based charitable organization that provides services, resources and advocacy on behalf of those impacted by childhood sexual abuse; staff and volunteers work together to help clients regain their voices. It is the only community-based setting that provides services for children, youth and adults in one location. The Gatehouse offers adult peer support group programs; a child friendly location where investigating police officers and child welfare personnel can interview children during alleged child abuse investigations. Other programs such as youth adult drop in and partners support programs are also available at The Gatehouse (The Gatehouse, 2016) Childhood sexual abuse is a very sensitive matter and is not a personal issue but a familial and societal issue therefore, the Gatehouse works along with survivor’s partners and family to explore this issue. A one-day workshop is available at The Gatehouse, which explores “being the partner of a person who has been traumatized by childhood sexual abuse” (The Gatehouse, 2016). Through a reframing learning process, adult victims and survivors learn skills that allow them to transform the trauma of childhood sexual abuse into a positive lifestyle. Topics such as inner child, triggers, anxiety, sexuality, and resiliency are discussed in support groups, one-on-one sessions, and in intakes. Staff and…
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