Child Labor : A Broad Term, And The Exploitation Of Minors

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Child labor is a broad term, and the exploitation of minors remains a global issue without a global solution. Divides in cultural acceptance and a misunderstanding of what the term encompasses results in far too many adults failing to recognize how child labor affects their country. First, we must recognize all areas of exploitation that child labor incorporates and how there are child labor *victims* being arrested on American soil. Yes, victims of child labor can be arrested, or fear arrest, due to their exploitation being rooted in prostitution. They know their actions may be deemed illegal, despite the fact they are coerced and existing in a non-consensual arrangement.

## Equal Rights for All Child Labor Victims

The false public
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Both violate basic human rights, and a greater understanding of these social injustices will lead to people not focusing on deciding which is worse, but rather, how to eradicate child labor by and large. Degrees of severity are subjective, and all child labor violations need to be recognized and reported without fear of retribution.

Just as a merchant has a right to report suspected child labor violations by a supplier, of-age consenting adults on the frontline of prostitution should be able to have a safe dialogue with police about suspected child sexual exploitation. Decriminalization of prostitution is one means of opening up safe reporting of child sex crimes. Too many women and men willingly working in the sex industry are apprehensive about reporting such crimes, as they fear
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