Child Labour And Its Effects On Children

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It is common in todays world for children of a young age in China to assume the working status against their free will, or desperately for money. Although it may not present a problem to its economy, it creates problems in thousands of children lives every day. These Children are forced to work under poor conditions, harmful environments, and inadequately equipped for the job. Families exchange the lives of their children, and the ability to ever see them again, to earn a few extra dollars, while not taking into consideration what their child is going to loose. Child labour prevents children from ever receiving proper education, causes harmful effects to the body, both internally and externally, and in extreme cases also takes away the life of an innocent child. Forcing a child to work is in direct violation of human rights granted to everyone at birth, as it does not give them the basic freedoms of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, which should not be denied to anyone. Child labour is work that children should not be allowed to do because they do not meet the age requirements, or if the age requirements are met, because of danger and potential harm they could cause themselves. A child working cannot be classified child labor simply because a child is performing the task. Children or young adults working, as long as it does not stop them of receiving a good education, cause harm to their bodies, or stunt their development, is viewed as something healthy and…
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