Child Maltreatment And The Child Welfare System Essay

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Abstract Foster care is defined as an out of home placement outside of the biological family. Individuals are placed in foster care due to some form of child maltreatment, rather it be sexual abuse, neglect, and/or physical abuse. Adolescents who age out of the foster care system are between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one years old who are still in the child welfare system and have not been adopted. Aging out of the foster care systems means that adolescents currently in the child welfare system who have reached the age of eighteen and do not plan to continue in an educational setting has reached the age to where the state can no longer provide for them. Those adolescents who remain in foster care past their eighteenth birthday have to be in some type of educational setting, but at their twenty first birthday that individual is forced out of the system and into adulthood. The foster care system is intended to be temporary until families can receives and complete services to be reunified with their child/children. It has been known that in numerous cases that some individuals who enter foster care with the goal of reunification end up with a changed goal of independency causing them to stay in foster care until they age out. Adolescents being forced out of the child welfare system into adulthood without any continuous assistance or preparation for survival some of them have been left homeless or incarcerated. Transition from adolescence to adulthood comes with the

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