Child Prostitution Should Not Be Punished For Their Children

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By: Aroob Fatima
Do you remember your childhood? You must be recalling stories of afternoons on the playground with your friends or that heavenly feeling of eating freezies on a hot, summer day. Did the memory of child prostitution run through your mind? No? How about having your rights and innocence completely stripped away from you? About ten million children are involved in prostitution worldwide (B.Willis, 2002), with India consisting of one million child prostitutes; forty percent the country’s total prostitution population (CNN, 2009). In most cases, children are kidnapped and forced into prostitution or take part in what is known as “survival sex” to provide basic needs for their family. But what happens when a child prostitute finally comes across a police officer whom they believe have come to their rescue? They get arrested. Children forced into the sex trade should not be punished for their actions, but instead, should be provided with assistance to cope with the severe mental trauma they face.
Many government officials and police officers don’t recognize child prostitutes as victims of sexual abuse but treated as offenders who need to be punished for their crime. According to a 2011 FBI report, about two hundred thousand U.S. children are at risk of being exploited and trafficked for sex. The majority of these children are girls between the ages of twelve and fourteen and in foster care. The government suggests that child welfare systems should be

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